Who I am

Fourth year Bachelor of Interior Design

Vancouver Island University

Kelowna BC

         esign has always been embedded in who I am, knowing from a young age I belonged in a setting to create.  Though originally gravitating to fine arts, my infatuation with interior design arose from the awareness of its essence, which to me, lies in the inhabitants.  Designing interior spaces and environments is less about what’s trendy, and more about what makes it functional, meaningful, and attractive to those who experience it. 

The certainty I felt in pursuing interior design professionally is directly translated in the way I make decisions and carry out the design process.  My appetite for knowledge and drive to continually develop my skills are credited in leading me to the designer I am today, as well as the designer I am to become.

The path of achievement to my degree this coming spring has not always been easy, but it has felt rewarding in its cultivation to better me in all aspects of my life.  Moving from the place I had called ‘home’ my whole life to further my education evolved who I am from a personal and professional standpoint, creating independence and growth.  My time in the interior design program at Vancouver Island University has been rich and fulfilling, granting me design comprehension, technical skills, and interpersonal proficiencies, all of which I will carry into my professional career.


Photos are my own, taken over the course of the last four years.  Each is representational of a  source of inspiration, a project, or a memory.


Trading in lakes for the ocean

Kelowna - Nanaimo


I've always been intrigued by shadows and experimenting with light


Exploring Vancouver Island & the Sunshine Coast


Shelf styling from my home


Giving an old firehose holder new life

Project completed in second yr